Pregnancy insomnia gave birth to this blog.

Well, that and the apparent bowling/high jump tournaments the upstairs neighbours have become fond of at approximately 10pm every night. Ah, apartment living. They should really schedule apartment viewings around this time of day so you know what you’re really getting yourself into.

I’ve been trying to train myself to be okay with ear plugs for the past couple of nights but frankly, I don’t see how anyone doesn’t see them as some kind of torture device. Instead of being kept up by various noises, I now find myself focusing on quantifying just how much the decibel level of a certain sound has been decreased thanks to these horrible little foam contraptions.  Short answer: not enough.

Pregnancy insomnia is a cruel thing, isn’t it?  Especially cruel when you already have a 17-month old toddler who, during the course of her life, has made you realise that sleep is in fact the most valuable commodity in town. And when this morning you had to be awake for mama duty earlier than you would have liked, and the only thought that got you out of bed was the promise of definitely making sure you’d hit the sack no later than 9pm with great ease. And yet, here I am, deciding that this is prime time for starting my own “mom blog” (S & N, I know the tone of voice you two would use for that phrase). It’s fine, Anthony Hamilton is keeping me company and blocking out the noises from up above (no but seriously, is the sequel to ‘Stomp the Yard’ being filmed up there? Is there already a sequel? When was the last time I went to the movies? I should go see a movie.).

So yes, another mom blog. There must be so many of them all over the internet simply because becoming a mother has to be one of the single most relatable things a woman can go through. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, but we all go through that life-changing shift where your priorities are suddenly not your priorities and everything starts to revolve around this tiny little human.  Something about those articles that come up on my Facebook news feed on anything baby-related makes it much easier to click that link rather than to the BBC bookmark on my toolbar which has been looking at me wistfully (and disapprovingly) since March 2014.


Let’s call her Tuna. She’s had that nickname since the day she was born, when A remarked on how his daughter’s tiny little mouth was almost constantly opened in a sweet little “O” shape in the hopes of being fed. And so she became our Tuna. We refer to her as Tuna more often than her actual name. Hah!

I love being a mother. I specifically love being Tuna’s mother. And I know I’ll also love being her little sister’s mother once she joins our family in January. I suppose this blog is a way of letting you into our funny little world – as well a way to record this uncharted, hilarious, exhilarating ride into motherhood I’ve been on. Hopefully, you find something that you can relate to.

And of course, I now hear miss Tuna on the baby monitor requiring attention at 11.45pm. Serves me right for not going to bed at 9pm as planned.

At least the Tae Bo class upstairs seems to have ended.

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy insomnia gave birth to this blog.

  1. I love your idea of blogging. As you said mothers all around the world stare smiler moments and it helps to know someone else has the same challenges as you do as a mother and be reminded that it is still worth it. I love your Tuna btw


  2. I will enjoy your blog. You write very well and I can see the images in my head. Squeeze that little tuna from all of us. Xoxo


    • You are the sweetest, Gen! There is *plenty* I can’t do, and I believe this blog will expose many of those things. Hope you and your gorgeous little family are all well xx


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