Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

So one really cool thing about the blogosphere which I’ve come to learn is that it’s a really supportive and encouraging network of people! You can be “nominated” for certain awards which are essentially a way of connecting bloggers together, and connecting readers to other blogs that they might be interested in. These awards usually involve some kind of Q&A for the recipient blogger, so you get to know us all a little better (my answers to the questions are further down in the post!).

The lovely Amber DiMaio, another blogging mama with whom I’ve had the pleasure of making an e-acquaintance, has very kindly nominated me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award. Shucks, Amber!

sisterhood (1)

You can check out Amber’s fabulous blog, The Everyday Dame, right here. She blogs about motherhood, parenting, fashion, food and fitness – go check her blog out!

As part of being a recipient of the award, I have to answer ten of Amber’s questions and then nominate another ten bloggers, with questions of my own.

So here we go!

1. Why did you start blogging?

Well, a number of reasons, really. When I worked as a lawyer, one of the things I enjoyed the most was the writing aspect. That said, legal writing is not the most “creative” (well…okay. Creative in a different way than I mean in this particular context) and you can’t get too personal or emotive – despite what Alicia Florrick will teach you in The Good Wife. In high school, my favourite subject was English and I was the nerd that got excited over a new and interesting essay question. In primary school, I wrote fiction for fun, as well as in my journal on an almost daily basis. I started a school newspaper when I was 8. Essentially, I love to write. Only a few things in this world take me to that space where I can be quiet with my thoughts, be me and create. My child(ren) also impelled me to start this blog; partially because I feel like Tuna is growing up too quickly and I wanted to have a way of recording everything, and I know the craziness will only whiz by faster when Baby #2 is born.

2. What is your favourite family tradition?

This is going to sound super typical Middle-Eastern of me, but when my family is all together (which is a rare and precious occasion), my favourite part of the day is after dinner, when someone makes a big pot of tea, and we sit around the living room chatting and sipping, reminiscing the same stories we always reminisce, retelling the same funny anecdotes that make us laugh uncontrollably every time, and enjoying each others’ company.

3. What is your dream job?

Hard to say. I think deep down I know that it is to be a journalist – but I suppose given my present circumstances, what with raising a young family and having spent 9  years of my life in law school and establishing my legal career, the logistics would be tricky and I’d have trouble justifying it! I know, excuses, excuses…

4. What is the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

Go with your gut instinct, as no one knows your baby as well as you do (this also makes for an excellent justification to say “no thanks” to advice that you’d rather not take on board).

5. What motivates you?

The promise of a cappuccino.

Oh we’re serious? Sorry. But really though, so many things. (In no particular order…) My parents. My babies. My husband. My siblings. My Faith. Essentially, they all inspire me to strive for excellence: be a better human, mother, daughter, wife and sister.

6. What time do you normally wake up?

Whensoever Her Royal Highness deems fit. I will take all the sleep I can get until she is literally on my face, asking for something that requires being vertical. Usually this is between 7.30am – 8.00am, unless we’ve had a rough night in which case it is, ironically, much, much earlier. Go figure.

7. If you are a new blogger what do you want to learn about blogging?

There is so much to learn! I guess right now I’m trying to understand how to establish and maintain decent readership, keep people engaged, and write about things that are interesting to not just me (and my mother, who is very adorably “sharing” all of my posts on her Facebook wall. Thanks Mama.) The power of social media in all of this is probably the biggest learning curve – I’ve now got a Twitter page and everything (right here – see?!) which does not necessarily equate to knowing how to use it.

8. If you could go back in time to relive one moment or event in your life what would it be?

To date – definitely Tuna’s birth. It was so surreal at the time, and when I look back it all sort of feels like a blur. I want to relish every last detail again: the first time I looked at her, the first time our eyes locked, the first time I touched her skin, kissed her head, smelled that delicious newborn aroma – just one more time.

9. What is your favorite article of clothing/what would you wear everyday if you could?

At the moment, black leggings with anything comfortable on top or a maxi dress. And normally this is what I do in fact wear – every day. Comfort first, ladies. Comfort first.

10. What do you do best?

I am really, *really* good at cleaning. Like, girlfriend be thorough. Granted, living with someone that has absolutely no regard for a freshly mopped and sanitised floor and/or the need to eat crunchy, crumbly snacks in a contained area (A, I’m talking about Tuna here – would you relax?!), has forced me to turn a blind eye at times, but given the time, space and energy, I will clean until the place can be cleaned no more.

My nominees:

So, the best part of this is that I get to nominate another 10 of my blogging sisters – please check out all of their blogs when you have time! They’re worth it, I promise! Some are veteran bloggers and others are newbies – but all amazing!

Ladies, here are your questions should you wish to take up this challenge!

  1. What is the last song you played on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, [insert name of music playing device here]? Be honest now…
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. Are you a “same-breakfast-every-day” kinda gal, or the type that mixes it up? If the former, what is your go-to breakfast?
  4. What (or who) will always make you smile, no matter what?
  5. Who is someone that inspires you?
  6. What do you never leave the house without?
  7. Your magic genie is going to grant you any superpower you like – what’s it gonna be?
  8. If you had 48 hours to yourself, what would you do?
  9. What picture do you have on your phone wallpaper?
  10. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

So, what you have to do now is post your answers on your blog, nominate another ten bloggers and give them ten questions of your own. Make sure you let them all know you’ve nominated them!

Enjoy! x


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