Nostalgia over my almost twentysomething {month old}

It’s been a big week for Tuna.

She’s exactly 19.5 months old today, which for me, is uncomfortably close to the toddler twenties. I feel like once they hit 20 months, they’re pretty much two-year-olds, which means they’re pretty much starting school and pretty much about to pack their luggage to go off to university. Big leap, but hey. A mother’s mind will go where it goes.

I’m starting to understand why some people still refer to their three-year-olds as their “42-month-olds”. There is something still cute and baby-like about having the word “month” in your age. But as much as I am loath to admit it, our days of referring to Tuna’s age in months are numbered. We are headed very much into big girl territory.

Last week, she was the very excited recipient of an upgrade to a {drumroll please} full-blown, no side-railing, no protective-bar, toddler bed. As I commiserated with you in this earlier post about my reluctant co-sleeping with Tuna, A and I decided we needed to find a solution to replace our nightly game of Musical Beds which tends to go as follows: everyone starts off optimistically in their own bed; Tuna wails predictably at approximately the same time every night; A retrieves Tuna and places her in between us in the naive hope that we’ll all get a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up rejuvenated and lovingly smiling at each other; in due course, Tuna performs various taekwondo moves on A {and me, and her unborn sibling}; A gets over it and moves to the single bed in Tuna’s room; or alternatively, A sticks it out, get kicked in the bump one too many times, and I consider skipping town… I mean, I go to Tuna’s room also.

So we thought – okay, if she just needs someone to lie down next to her when she wakes up, let’s get her a toddler bed! That way we can uncomfortably curl up next to her and then sneak away like ninjas once she’s asleep.

After a week of this new setup, I’ve learned three things:

One, you are simply taunting gravity if you think that you can gracefully, and more importantly, stealthily, get off one of those super low beds while sporting a 28-week baby bump that feels more like a 56-weeker. Your back, bladder, and now nonexistent “core” will not thank you.

Two, dads will consider a toddler bed an appropriate place to sleep when the actual toddler has a stuffy nose and insists that she sleeps next to someone and dad gets the boot (Sorry A, but I really wish I’d gotten a photo of you sleeping in that thing; it’d be like something out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!).

Three, never mind all that: because the bedding upgrade actually works! She is now super excited at nap time and at bedtime to make use of her “newwwww bigggg bed!!!”

So it seems that it’s working. We’ve had a few all-night sleeps with no parental intervention this week, which is amazing for us. I will ignore the fact that at the conclusion of one of those nights, we realised that the baby monitor was mysteriously switched off at some point in the night, and when I woke up at 8.30am confused as to why my usual alarm of “Mamamamamamamamamamama Mamee Mamee Mamee Mammeeeeee” wasn’t functioning correctly, we both raced to her room and found her standing in the middle of the room with her sleeping bag still on. Oh well, at least that thing slows her down or we may have had a situation on our hands.

I admit that on the first night she spent in the toddler bed, I woke up twice to just go stare at her, because I was convinced she was on the brink of falling off, or was just not coping emotionally (haha, who’s not coping emotionally, really?) – but she was totally fine. She actually looked so much more comfortable with all that space, whereas to me, she looked so vulnerable and exposed to the world. I felt nervous just leaving her in there, free to climb out of the bed whenever she wanted to, free to do one of her signature in-sleep pirouettes and go flying out of the bed headfirst, et cetera. I realised that it was a bigger step than I was expecting. Packing away her cot was a strange feeling too, as I still vividly remember the day A set it up.

Ah well, I suppose it’s a good thing we’ve got a newborn arriving in less than 3 months, otherwise this nostalgia might be a little too much for me to handle!

A little magical tip for those of you considering a similar upgrade: if you get a bed that doesn’t have a side rail, like we did, go and find one of those pool noodles, line it up along the edge of the mattress, and tuck it tightly underneath the bed sheet. It works like a charm.

(Pictured: pool noodle shopping and a discussion as to whether the T-Rex was real) 

All hail the toddler bed! Let’s hope this means we get some reasonable sleep before we head back to Newbornville in January!

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia over my almost twentysomething {month old}

  1. Almost 20 months is a big change definitely! Lilly is 23 months now, almost 2! I can’t believe that itty bitty little thing we brought home from the hospital is almost 2 whole years old! I feel like it was only yesterday when she was inside me.. Sigh
    We upgraded to a toddler bed a month or so ago as well and she loves it! Tough our problem is that when she wakes up at night she simply gets out of bed, comes over to our bed and climbs in. If she can’t climb in for some reason she just bangs her bottle on my head till I wake up and lift her up 😑 That’s the downside of having an apartment and sleeping with bedroom doors open!

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    • It’s crazy isn’t it?! I feel the same about how the time has flown by. It sort of slaps you in the face when you realize they really don’t count as babies anymore! I’m thinking we’ll face that problem very soon – she hasn’t quite figured out that she can leave the room yet 😂😂😂

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