My two-month-old baby

No, I haven’t gone into [very] premature labour and then accelerated time. However, today is my other baby’s (not Tuna, just her Chronicles) two-month blogoversary! Hurray!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by, how much I’ve already learned, how many fabulous people I’ve met through blogging and how exciting the world of opportunities that has opened up to me is turning out to be!

And today, dear reader, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for reading my posts, whether you’re just lurking in the distance anonymously or actively engaging and adding onto my rants with your comments: sometimes I get a little sarcastic, sometimes I get a little complain-y, sometimes I get a little too unfiltered, but your support is part of what keeps me writing.

I mentioned in an earlier post that starting this blog has reignited my love for writing, and I stand by that. I look forward to writing every single post and sharing it with you. I love reading your comments and finding that you related to some portion of what I’ve rambled about. I’ve spoken to friends in the last two months that I haven’t spoken to in ten years – and that has been as a result of us connecting over something I’ve written about. That makes me really  happy.

There is nothing like putting yourself out there, slightly nervous that you’ve just publicly admitted to something that no one else is going through, and then finding the electronic nodding of heads that is a WordPress “like”, Facebook “like” or a “retweet” (I know what that is now!). We’re in this together. And that’s awesome.

Tuna – of course – has earned herself a shout-out too. Tuna: you are clearly the inspiration for all of this. Thank you for the hilariously entertaining days, thank you for the difficult days: thank you for being mine and for making my life so much more than what I ever thought it could beI love you, baby.

2 thoughts on “My two-month-old baby

  1. Happy 2 month blogoversary! Time really does fly, just wait and see, before you know it you’ll be celebrating your 2 year blogging anniversary 😀


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