9 years ago, I met a boy.

22 November 2006. I was 21. I was in a new and exciting country, visiting my sister who had been doing volunteer work for almost a year. She’d convinced me to come along to one of her friends’ farewell barbecue celebration. I was reluctant. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood for small talk and meeting new people. But I went anyway. Heck, I like my sister’s company and I was only there for a few more days so didn’t want to miss out on precious time together.

We arrived. I did the smiles, the hand shakes, the spiel about what I “did” and how long I was staying; a spiel which I’d perfected due to repeating it so many times, and the “yes, we don’t look alike at all, you’re right!” And repeat.

I have to say, I met a lot of cool people. One of them was a golden-haired, aqua-eyed fella with a sense of humour and impeccable taste in music. Once he started playing the album Things Fall Apart by The Roots, he caught my attention, as did the fact that when we arrived, he was, being the Australian-raised man that he is, expertly putting the proverbial shrimp on the barbie (I think it was actually lamb chops this time, but hey). Continue reading


YES. It’s time for a giveaway!

Tuna has decided that you’re such a lovely, loyal bunch that she wants to say thank you by running her very first giveaway through her computer literate proxy, yours truly. Everyone is eligible, not just those of you in Singapore! The details on how to enter are at the bottom of this post.


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My two-month-old baby

No, I haven’t gone into [very] premature labour and then accelerated time. However, today is my other baby’s (not Tuna, just her Chronicles) two-month blogoversary! Hurray!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by, how much I’ve already learned, how many fabulous people I’ve met through blogging and how exciting the world of opportunities that has opened up to me is turning out to be!

And today, dear reader, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for reading my posts, whether you’re just lurking in the distance anonymously or actively engaging and adding onto my rants with your comments: sometimes I get a little sarcastic, sometimes I get a little complain-y, sometimes I get a little too unfiltered, but your support is part of what keeps me writing. Continue reading

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

So one really cool thing about the blogosphere which I’ve come to learn is that it’s a really supportive and encouraging network of people! You can be “nominated” for certain awards which are essentially a way of connecting bloggers together, and connecting readers to other blogs that they might be interested in. These awards usually involve some kind of Q&A for the recipient blogger, so you get to know us all a little better (my answers to the questions are further down in the post!).

The lovely Amber DiMaio, another blogging mama with whom I’ve had the pleasure of making an e-acquaintance, has very kindly nominated me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award. Shucks, Amber!

sisterhood (1)

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Joining the ranks of other Scary Mommies

Beloved readers – I’m super excited to share that The Tuna Chronicles is being featured on Scary Mommy today! 

I really feel like I’ve reconnected with my passion for writing since starting this blog, and being able to share this journey with all of you is a huge part of what makes me want to keep on writing! 

Take a look at Tuna’s first step into [anonymous] Internet stardom here: