Who is Tuna?

Who is Tuna?

Tuna is the original inspiration for this blog. She is my little girl. Tuna isn’t her real name, in case you’re wondering. It’s a nickname that her father gave her on the day she was born and funnily enough, we now refer to her as “Tuna” more than her real name.

She came into my world in March 2014 and jolted me out of the bubble of existence in which I was living and made me realise how truly magical, beautiful, challenging, incredible, impossible, inspiring and perfect life can be.

Tuna got a baby sister right at the end of 2015. She has been lovingly nicknamed “Puff”, in honour of the many interesting sounds a newborn makes. 

So here we are, newly a family of 4. Slowly figuring it out and often wondering, “what on earth did we just do?!” But every day gets that teeny tiny bit easier. 

And you are?

I’m Rasha, the one putting the hilariously inspiring moments of Tuna’s and Puff’s lives in print.

I’m Egyptian-born, Southeast-Asia-and-New-Zealand-raised, and live in Singapore. It gets even more complex if you ask me about the girls’ ethnic makeup. I won’t get into that right this second.

Pre-motherhood I worked as an international arbitration lawyer and I’m now basking in my 24/7 job with the world’s sweetest little bosses.

I love to write. I love music. I love baking. Travel. People. Art. I love my babies. I get profound sometimes, but I also get sarcastic and say a little too much, more often the latter.

I started this blog not only to start recording some of these precious moments of motherhood, but because I realised how important it is for me, currently a stay-at-home-mom, to have something that is simply, only, purely, mine. A project, a hobby, a passion, that I can use to get into my own head-space with no interruption. Because let’s face it, if there’s plenty of anything when you become a parent, it’s interruption.

Read about our adventures, while I try and tackle this motherhood gig and maintain some remnant of composure. I promise to keep things honest, real and write from my heart.

Thank you for stopping by!